Get on down to Lake Kyle on May 17 - 19!

We've got a party planned that’ll knock the stink off a skunk here in Kyle, Texas! We’ve got ribs, ‘ritas, carnival rides, and a whole mess of things on a stick ready to dig into, plus a live-music lineup that’ll wear out your boots on the dance floor! To make it even better, entry and musical performances are FREE! By the end of the weekend I’d reckon you’ll be plumb worn out from all the hootin’ and hollerin’ at this

Finer than frog hair festival!

Don't believe us? Check out last year!

Event Schedule


Fair Opens at 4pm

The Reed Brothers ❊ 6 - 7pm

People's Choice Margarita Competition ❊ 7:30 - 10pm

Kody West ❊ 9 - 10:30pm

Fair Closes at 10:30pm


Jackalope Run 5K ❊ Starts 7am

Fair Opens at 9am

City of Kyle Twirlers ❊ 10 - 10:30am

Gathering of the Kyles ❊ Official Count at 1pm

Mariachi Classico ❊ 11am - 12:30pm

People's Choice Fajita Competition ❊ 2 - 3:30pm

Mike Gonzalez & The Iconiczz ❊ 4 - 5pm

The Art Tigerina Band ❊ 5 - 6pm

Elida Reyna ❊ 6 - 7pm

People's Choice Ribs Competition ❊ 6:30 - 8pm

Siggno ❊ 7 - 8:30pm

Michael Salgado ❊ 9 - 10:30pm

Fair Closes at 10:30pm


Fair Opens at 12pm

Ysenia & Groove Doctors ❊ 1 - 2:30pm

Broken Arrow ❊ 2 - 3pm

Spazmatics ❊ 3 - 4:30pm

Kevin Fowler ❊ 4:30 - 6pm

Fair Closes at 6pm



Grab your apron and mix those spices before you get down and smokey on a rack of beef ribs! We’re looking for the most finger lickin’, mama slappin’, and heaven-sent rack of ribs you can imagine.

Are you bringing the sauce or are you dry rubbing? Post oak or pecan? Do you wrap them at 2 hours or are you letting that smoke hit it the whole time? The littlest things can take a rib from awesome to scrumptious and then all the way to a taste-travaganza..


The perfect beef fajita excites all five senses: exquisite taste, tender feel, beautiful color, an appetizing aroma, and a symphony of sizzling as it's delivered.

It ain't as easy as it looks to check all the boxes, cowpoke. You best bring your secret marinade and plan your cook accordingly. How are you getting that meat to reveal its tender side? Briquettes, lump charcoal or wood fire? What are you finishing them with? There are more possibilities than there are cows in Dallas, but only one person bringing home the grand prize.


Here in Texas, we take life with a rim of salt. And a lime. And some Triple Sec. And some tequila. Over ice. With a tiny umbrella.

Four ingredients is all you need, but we appreciate those who go above and beyond as well. What’s your best ‘Rita? Are you adding additional citrus notes, or maybe hittin’ it with a dash of spice? Blanco or Reposado? The possibilities are endless, but in the end one will leave the others in its salty dust.

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I got this!

Calling all Kyles!

We're gettin' all the Kyles we can into one place to break that pesky world record! Are you a Kyle? Get yourself down to Kyle, Texas on Saturday, May 18th so you'll be counted in the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD™ attempt  -- the most people named Kyle in one place!

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