Get on down to Lake Kyle on May 17 - 19!

We've got a party planned that’ll knock the stink off a skunk here in Kyle, Texas! We’ve got ribs, ‘ritas, carnival rides, and a whole mess of things on a stick ready to dig into, plus a live-music lineup that’ll wear out your boots on the dance floor! To make it even better, entry and musical performances are FREE! By the end of the weekend I’d reckon you’ll be plumb worn out from all the hootin’ and hollerin’ at this

Finer than frog hair festival!

Don't believe us? Check out last year!

Calling all Kyles!

We're gettin' all the Kyles we can into one place to break that pesky world record! Are you a Kyle? Get yourself down to Kyle, Texas on Saturday, May 18th by 11:30 AM so you'll be counted in the attempt at the world record -- the most people named Kyle in one place!

Preregistration coming soon!

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